The Death of Diets

The Biggest Loser is Flawed

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” made headlines again recently, but not for its stories of radical weight loss. Instead, the headlines are about radical weight gain.

The New York Times recently reported that most of the 16 contestants in the 2009 season have regained the weight they lost. In fact, a study of the season 8 contestants revealed that even six-years after appearing on the show, contestants struggle to maintain their health.

On Saturday, May 7th at 1:00pm ET/ 10:00am PT, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen is hosting a 30-minute video call, “The Death of Diets - The Birth of Optimal Health.”

“It’s time to stop dieting alone as a solution and instead empower people to fundamentally change their orientation from being the biggest losers to becoming the biggest gainers in health and overall well being!” - Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen

Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen is Leading a Crusade

“Dr. A” – New York Times Bestselling Author, co-founder of Take Shape for Life (TSFL) and Leader in Optimal Health is a man on a mission.

As he leads a group of certified health coaches from around the country, he also works to achieve our core principle - to get America healthy!

From day one, we talk in terms of sustainable change, addressing the fundamental building blocks of the daily habits that drive our health—for better or for worse. The basic premise of “The Biggest Loser” flies in the face of what we know about creating lasting transformations. In a brief period of time, contestants jump into extreme diet and exercise routines designed to increase the drama of team weigh-ins. After all, it is a television show that is focused on entertaining viewers and increasing their ratings.

The pounds come off, yes, but the changes are driven entirely by external factors. The contestants are motivated by the competition and they are surrounded by producers and coaches as well as public pressure. After the show ends and the contestants return home,, all of these drivers-for-change disappear. When they don’t have the resources or the frantic motivation to make healthy choices day-in and day-out, it should come as no surprise that the weight comes back.

We will not stand silent on the sideline as our country gets sicker and sicker due to poor lifestyle choices.

During this 30-minute video call, Dr. A is going to share, “The Death of Diets - The Birth of Optimal Health.”

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